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  Top House
DownTown Area(Huangpu District, Jing'an District, Luwan District and Xuhui District) .........more...

4br 165sqm RMB20000
we offer: 15000

3br 170sqm RMB21000
we offer: 18000

3br 150sqm RMB19000
we offer: 16000

2+1br 245sqm RMB30000
we offer: 25000

2br 145sqm RMB35000
we offer: 30000

2br 108sqm RMB24000
we offer: 19000

3br 160sqm RMB26000
we offer: 24000

3br 149sqm RMB22000
we offer: 17000

3+1br 213sqm RMB22000
we offer: 18000

3+1br 276sqm RMB40000
we offer: 35000
Hongqiao & Gubei Area(Changning District) .........more...

2br 107sqm RMB15000
we offer: 13000

4br 333sqm RMB40000
we offer: 35000

2br 132sqm RMB14000
we offer: 11000

5br 400sqm RMB60000
we offer: 55000

3br 221sqm RMB39000
we offer: 34000
Pudong District .........more...

6br 333sqm RMB47000
we offer: 40000

3br 237sqm RMB23000
we offer: 18000

4br 225sqm RMB22000
we offer: 17000

4br 188sqm RMB20000
we offer: 17000

5br 496sqm RMB40000
we offer: 35000
Old House for Lease .........more...

2+1br 134sqm RMB20000
we offer: 17000

5br 380sqm RMB100000
we offer: 70000

2br 133sqm RMB30000
we offer: 26000

2br 130sqm RMB20000
we offer: 14000

2+1br 220sqm RMB30000
we offer: 28000

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